Formicarius are...

Lord Saunders   Guitars, Vox

Lord Saunders
Guitars, Vox

Morath   Keyboards


Nazarkardeh   Guitars


H æ gtesse   Bass Guitars, Vox

Bass Guitars, Vox


Formed in 2015, Formicarius are a London-based Black Metal band comprised of a group of veteran metal musicians (featuring members of De Profundis, Domitorem and Phyrexia) who've largely worked together for the best part of a decade, priding themselves on their creativity, technicality, diverse influences and unique take on Black Metal.


Musically, Formicarius are and always have been a Black Metal act that gives a respectful nod to the fore-bearers of the genre, whilst bringing in elements of other styles to showcase the musical talents of their individual members.

Fans and critics alike have commented on the "punishing and pulverizing" guitar work with "melodic sweeping solos", the "fearless creativity" across all aspects of the musicianship including its "otherworldly, eerie" piano and symphonic work.

Collaborating with infamous 'Lord of LogosChristophe Szpajdel, prolific videographer Andy Pilkington and talented photographer Louis Cheshire, Formicarius announced the release of their first EP with a lyric video for Lake of the Dead, and a photoshoot shot at Murder Mile Studios.


After a successful UK tour in 2015 to promote their self-released EP, Lake of the Dead, Formicarius went on to feature alongside renowned UK Metal Acts (incl. Akercocke, Voices, Acid Reign, Amulet) on Sony's legendary compilation, Speed Kills VII in December 2016.

Recording their debut album at Parlour Studios under the masterful eye of Producer Neil Haynes, Formicarius joined forces with Schwarzdorn Production (label-mates past and present incl. Asaru, Svarttjern, Vuolla, Repulsive Aggression) to build up to the release of Black Mass Ritual in July 2017, bringing artist Gary Ronaldson on board to realise the album cover vision - a haunting tribute to the Swiss witch-burning trials of the late 1300s, mentioned in the historical Formicarius book (the band's namesake).


Black Mass Ritual is a full-length album of 8 tracks written between 2012-2015, with diverse lyrical themes ranging from the horrors of war and madness to epic historical re-imaginings.

Playing to a packed out Camden Underworld for their album launch show supporting Tengger Cavalry and selling out their initial run of printed albums, Formicarius have continued to go from strength to strength, playing shows across the UK in 2017, with a string of headline dates already planned for 2018.

A music video for second single, May the Rats Eat Your Eyes was released to coincide with the album's release, filmed at Natural Light Studios by Michael Row, (Arrow Photography).


The band are currently deep into pre-production for their second album, set to be recorded in June 2018 with more details to be announced soon.